I'm the other mother - or Momma Deb. Our family is pretty much like every other family in suburbia. The girls go to school, one mom is on the PTA boards of elementary and middle school. The other mom goes to work, paints, writes, and tries to just have a good time raising kids with her partner. This is my third attempt at blogging...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ACL Update & Discipline

Peg asks, "How's your knee rehab coming along?" Thanks for asking, Peg!

It has now been 3 weeks since my ACL reconstruction. I am totally pleased & amazed with the lack of pain and the rapidity of recovery. I can bend my knee about 110°, and when I go to PT tomorrow, my therapist said she may let me get on the reclining cycle for a while. Depends upon how much I can flex the joint on my own (ie. my muscles do the work of getting my knee bent, not by cheating with my hands holding it flexed!).

I'm going stir crazy with the limitations - going up and down stairs is a trial in patience. But that's getting better, too. I just have to keep in mind that this is an investment of my time in the health of my knee. I also look at it as a view into the future if I don't do everything to recover 100%. I do not want to be disabled. That, my friends, is to be avoided entirely - whenever possible. Needless to say, I suppose, but I find it helps to articulate it.

I'm working from home right now, and finding focus is hard. O.M.G. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I prefer working at the office! I do have my own workspace at home, but there are so many things I want do that have nothing whatsoever to do with work.

I'll figure it out... Discipline. Yeh. That's it. Discipline.