I'm the other mother - or Momma Deb. Our family is pretty much like every other family in suburbia. The girls go to school, one mom is on the PTA boards of elementary and middle school. The other mom goes to work, paints, writes, and tries to just have a good time raising kids with her partner. This is my third attempt at blogging...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Day of the Year

On a personal level, it has been a tough year. Getting laid off from a job I thought I would retire from upset my equilibrium. I didn't think I could survive this a second time around. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens. That was certainly the fortunate case for me. It was rocky going for a while, but fortunately, my skills are needed, but experience and skills are in very short supply, and that saw us through. The support of our friends has been the key to coming out on the other side. Still, given the hideous economy, I still have a tendency to hold my breath.

My children are well. Katie's Juvenile Inflammatory Arthritis (JIA) may have gone into remission - or may even disappear entirely. We continue to be vigilant and grateful. Megan is happy and thriving.

All the same, it's been a tough year for a LOT of people, and I'm afraid the troubles are no where near subsiding any time soon. The mortgage debacle? Puleeze. For years, as the prices of homes went higher and higher, and they were actually being sold for asking or better, I wondered aloud to Kandy, "How do these people buy a home at these prices? What kind of money are they making that they can afford a $750,000 mortgage on a track home?" Well, I guess we all know now. Unlike the media, I can fault most recipients of those "creative" mortgages. You've got to have your head up your ass not to know that the BIG bill would come due just around the corner. Now many of them are pleading ignorance.

Yes, some people
really may have been ignorant. Some may have been led down a winding path, but there are way too many people in this situation to have not known what they were getting into.

Just the same, the lenders are just as much at fault. Not to mention the house of cards within the industry creating and interleaving monies as if tomorrow would never come.

Okay, I just realized I have been ranting. This isn't what I intended for this post. Please forgive me.

I will raise my glass to you and to the New Year, wish you all wellness, love, and happiness. I love reading your blogs, and am sorry I haven't participated much this last year. That will change.