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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, Peggy Flemming, and the Grocery Store

On Saturday, I was tooling around town running various errands and things. I dropped Megan off at a friend's house, then went down my list of Honey-Do's. Kandy, meanwhile, was out and about with Katie shopping at Kohls. We planned on making pizza from scratch, so my last stop was the grocery store to pick up items for dinner.

So, I'm wandering around the store with my mini-cart, taking my time to look at all the goodies on the shelves. I usually just rush in, get stuff, and rush back out, but I had some time before I needed to pick up Megan. While mindlessly strolling down the bread isle, over the store address system comes the announcement, "Shoppers, Peggy Flemming is in the store today in our wine tasting area. Come on by to taste some wine and meet Peggy Flemming." (Or words to that effect.)

I'm like, "No. Really?" So I go over there to check it out, and sure enough there's Ms. Flemming. I immediately get on the cell to call Kandy (who is a Big Fan).

"Hon, you will never in a million years guess who's here in Safeway today... Peggy Flemming!"

Kan says, "Stop! She is not!"

"Would I lie to you about this? She's here. I'm staring right at her."

"Stop! Really? How long will she be there? Lori is picking us up to go to the fund raiser."

Long story short, while she was getting Lori to swing by the store, I tasted their two wines, a Syrah a Cabernet blend called "Choreography. Yummo. Peggy is quite personable (of course), and very pretty at 60 years old! Her husband of 38 years is a retired physician (he was there, too). The wine we were tasting was from here in Livermore Valley, of their 2005 bottling which came from vinyards grown on some of John Madden's land about 5 miles from our home. Peggy said that they plan that the proceeds from their next bottling, in April, will go towards fighting breast cancer. She said she "is an 11-year survivor of breast cancer."

I should mention that our Safeway was remodeled recently and has a special wine-tasting area. It has always been free to taste selected wines. They have various local wineries (often it's the owners themselves) coming in for an hour or two on evenings and weekends. After tasting, I used to walk out of Safeway feeling like I had better not drive for a while! Woowee! Lately, because of that, I haven't been "tasting" quite so often.

Kandy bought their "Choreography" wine, and Peggy signed it "Happy Valentine's Day!" with her signature. We may not open that bottle for quite some time. I hope it ages well.

Kandy with Peggy Flemming:

All in all, just another typical day in Livermore. ;-)